Road Map (JEXTN FAQ Pro)

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Version 4.0.0 ( 03rd June 2015 ) :

1) Goto backend click import CSV you can upload your CSV file.

2) Click export CSV you can get the faq list in CSV file format.

3) If you want to add the large number of faq's in our site means create one.CSV file it contain 3 columns like (questions,answers,category name).

4) If you want to add the question in the existing category means use the same category name(case sensitive) in CSV file.

Version 3.0.5 ( 30th July 2013 ) :

1) Added Theme option in menu like the same as in global configuration.

2) Fixed CSS conflict issue.

3) Show/Hide option for pagination.

4) Added Theme option in plugin like {faq|1|theme|10}

Version 3.0.4 ( 24th July 2013 ) :

1) Categorized FAQ Lising Layout.

2) Multiple FAQ listing in Plugin.

3) Random FAQ listing option in All Layouts.

4) Expand All and Collapse All option in all layouts.

5) Show/Hide "Back to category" link option in category layout.

6) Loading Category images in Category listing layout.

7) Different styles for category listing layout as based on each template.

8) Expand First FAQ option.

9) Design changes in FAQ Form Layout.