JEXTN VMProductTab


JEXTN VMProductTab module is used to display the virtuemart products in tabs such as latest products, fetured products and most reviewed product,the admin can have the whole control of this module like change the image size, product display limit, module height,enable/disable product tabs etc, also you can have Multiple JEXTN VMProductTab modules in a same page

Major Features in JEXTN VMProductTab:-

  • Dispaly the virtuemart product in tabs.
  • This module has 3 tabs such as latest product, fetured products, most reviewed product.
  • The admin can enable or disable those 3 tabs from the backend.
  • Multiple JEXTN VMProductTab modules can be used in same page with different settings.
  • Multiple Category id can be set from backend,separated by comma .
  • Product limit can be set from backend.
  • Module height can be set from backed.
  • Product image height,width can be set from the backend.

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