JoomForce - Installation & Usage Guide

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This document helps you in installing and configuration of JoomForce Extension, to connect both Joomla and Salesforce CRM. Though the installation and configuration is very simple, We have prepared the document to help everyone.
Please choose latest edition while creating an account in for integrating joomla with salesforce CRM.Your salesforce account must have a development API and Reset your security token option, Without the development API not possible to integrate joomla with salesforce CRM.Please refer the screenshoot

Important: If you want multi languages support.

If you want multi language support (Example, German, French, Arabic, …), then you should install JoomFish before installing this extension. You can download this JoomFish component from ) (If you cant find it here, Just search google for “joomfish joomla extension”.

Step 1 – Install the Component in Joomla Backend

  • Download JoomForce from (Please download the latest version).
  • Login into your joomla site administrator. Go to Extensions => Install / Uninstall.
  • Then click browse button and select the JoomForce component zip file from your local system.
  • Then Click => Upload Files & Install Button.
  • Now you will get a message like "Component Install success".

Step 2 – Configure Sales Force in JoomForce Backend

  • Select the JoomForce component from the component list, Components => JoomForce.
  • Select Global Settings.
  • Please fill in all the fields in the CRM settings as shown below.

How to get my CRM Security Token Key

  • Login to your using your credentials.
  • Goto Setup by clicking on your name displayed at top right and select Setup from dropdown.
  • Now in Personal Setup Under My Personal Information click on Reset your security token.
  • Now an email with Security Token will be send to your email address.

Setting up Your Salesforce Api into JoomForce component

Each and every salesforce account will have a unique Api file. In order to connect the salesforce using JoomForce component you have to replace the Api file inside your JoomForce component with your unique Api File. Please see the video below or click the link , this explains you in detail how to replace your Api file for your JoomForce component.