JEXTN Reverse Auction Documentation

Click Here to Download JEXTN Reverse Auction Installation and Usage Manual

  • Login your site administrator. Extensions => Install / Uninstall
  • Then Click => Upload the Files & Click the Install Button
  • Now you will get a message like "Component Install success"

For creating categories by navigate

Components->JEXTN Reverse Auction->Categories

  • By clicking new button you can add new category and subcategories.By clicking the save button you can save the category. If you click on save and new button then after saving this category new window will open for create another category.

Navigate to product manager by select

components->JEXTN Reverse Auction->products.

By clicking new button you can add new products.

  • If you want to upload more images then click on browse button in the product detail image here by clicking Ctrl you can choose multiple images.Save the product by clicking the save or save & close or save & new button.
  • Click on option button in products controller then you  can see
  • the global configuration in pop up. Here some options are
  • available likely currency code etc..
  • Please go to the Userwins submenu and click new button. Now you can see all the winner details here.
  • Please go to the Mail templates submenu and click new button.
  • Now you can see all the mail templates here;

Navigate to Commission controller by select components->JEXTN Reverse Auction ->Commissions. You can add new commission details by clicking the new button.

  • Default Auction view in front end.By clicking the name of the
  • auction item you can see the details page.
  • This is the details view of an auction item.Here you can see the image galary of the auction. bidder details , product owner details etc...
  • From this view you can add your auction item.Once you click on the submit button then it will redirect you to payment page there you can pay the commission amount.