JEXTN Reverse Auction (Joomla 2.5 & 3.x)


JEXTN Reverse Auction is a joomla component for showing wanted items in our site.Reverse auction is a strategy used by many purchasing and supply management organizations for spend management, as part of strategic sourcing and overall supply management activities.

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Features of JEXTN Reverse Auction:

Recently Updated Features:

  • Users can buy a product directly without bidding.
  • Admin can view the shipping details in the back end.
  • Admin can enable or disable the shipping charges option in the back end.
  • Admin can add countries and shipping charges for that countries in the back end.


  • 1. User can upload their own products from the frontend.
  • 2. Able to view their own product details uploaded by the user at the front end.
  • 4. Categorization - Products can be categorized as per the customers wish with the select box provided.
  • 5. Products - The products created by the admin will be displayed with all the details of the product.
  • 6. Countdown - Admin can set time limit for all the products.
  • 7. Winner - The user who bids for low price they will get the auction in their account and they will recieve winner email.
  • 8. Email System - Once payment is made the details are send to the administrator via advanced email system and it contains payment,product and user detail.
  • 9. Admin can set the commission for products uploaded by users.
  • 10. Users no need to buy bid for bidding.All registered users can bid an auction.
  • 11. No need to Spend Time Comparing Prices In Stores , Because we can choose a best seller for our requirements.
  • 12. If a user upload their auction via front-end they need to pay the commission to admin, Once they made a successfull payment their auction's will get published automatically.Their auction's will not get published until they make a successfull payment.
  • 13. Users can see their product status in myproducts view.
  • 14. Users can see their woned auction items in mywins view.
  • 15. Users can see an upcoming auction items in upcoming auction view and closed auction in ended auction view.
  • 16. Paypal , payment gateways available for paying the commission amount.
  • 17. The commission value can be added in the format of amount.
  • 18. Global Configuration - Admin can set the currency code displaying in front end and option to remove footer text.
  • 19. Category - Admin can create unlimited number of categories for the products.
  • 20. Products - You can add/edit/delete any number of products under each categories.
  • 21. dmin can set minimum and maximum bid amount for products.
  • 22. Admin can set the start and end time for products.
  • 23. Email notification will send to the admin and the owner of the auction when the user uploads his/her own product at front-end.
  • 24. Admin can add the commission in back-end.
  • 25. Admin can add/edit , delete the userwins in back-end.
Very good component !It's exactly what I was looking for ! The Support is kindly and very quick in answer and give solutions !
really recommended

Very good reverse auction extension – it has a lot of professional features and a very nice look. I was impressed by the support and features available – I launched my auction site in less then a week including some Joomla templating works I had to do. Support is very quick.