JEXTN Questions and Answers Installation Steps & Settings

  • Login your site administrator. Choose Extension Manager from Extension menu
  • Click the Browse button and upload the JEXTN Questions component.zip file from your local system
  • Click => Upload Files & Install Button
  • Now you will get a message like "Component Install success".Then Please Select Components => JEXTN Questions .
  • All the Questions,Latest Answers,Number of Answers,Status,Access,Ordering which can be displayed on this page.
  • After click the new button this page can be displays,Using this admin can add new questions,number of days the question to expires,and also the tags can be add for the corresponding questions.
  • If you want to add answer,go to latest answers field => Click the answers/Click to add answer .
  • Click =>Reply text => Add the answer on the textarea field =>Then Click the add button.
  • The following questions and the multiple answers can be displayed in the single page.
  • Select a Question => Click the Edit button =>This page displays and then edit the fields and Click the save button to made the changes.
  • Click the "Option" button to change the settings and the permissions.
  • Using this admin can change the show/hide options for the functions to be displayed in the front-end.
  • Click permission => Then change the permissions to the users by admin =>Then Click Save/Save&Close button.
  • Displays the questions,which can be posted by the admin.
  • In the questions menu, it displays all the posted questions with "Search" option.Then also displays three tabs as "Latest Questions", "Votes", "Unanswered".To "Edit" the question, Click the Question.
  • Then Click the "Edit" button.
  • Then Edit the following questions => Than Click the "Save" Button.
  • To Add answer for the question, Click the Question.
  • Then Click the "Add Your Answer" button => Then Add the Answer => Then Click the Add button.
  • In the Tags menu, it displays all the Tags with "Search" option.Click anyone of the Tag.
  • Then the "Tags" releated questions can be displayed.
  • In the Category menu, it displays all the Categories.While clicking any of the category, it moves to the Corresponding Questions.
  • In the Add Questions menu,the Registered user can add their own "question" .
  • In the Category option select the "Add Category" and Add the new category in the "Add Category" Field.
  • Using this page,Guest user can add their "Question" and "Category".
  • After login, "Registered" Users can view their profile.To Edit their profile =>Click the "Edit Profile" Button.
  • Using this page User can "Edit" their profile.