JEXTN Question and answers - Screenshots

Please see the Front end demo here

Questions Listing Page at the Back end:

  • Navigate to Questions select components->JEXTN Question and answers->Questions.
  • Here, you can view all the questions details listing.
  • This page contains questions,latest answers,category and status.
  • Admin can edit the questions and latest answers in backend.

Questions Listing Page at the Front end:

  • In front end the questions would be displayed like this.
  • Here you can see the who post questions and date & time.
  • User can post the review status.
  • Here user can mark the favourite questions.

Ask a New Question:

  • In front end user can ask a new question.
  • Here user can select which category belongs to display our questions and tags.
  • This questions are stored in backend also.




User Details:

  • In front end user can view name, username, email, registered date and lastvisited date details.
  • Here user can edit the details.