JEXTN Online Exam Installation Steps

Download JEXTN Onlineexam Documentation:

Installation Process:

  • Unzip the zip file you downloaded and choose the appropriate version for your Joomla site.
  • Log in to the administrator panel.
  • Go to Extensions > Extension Manager (Install/Uninstall).
  • Click “Choose file” and select the appropriate version of the JEXTN Onlineexam Component.
  • Finally, Click “Upload&Install” button.
  • After the successfull installation of the component ,"Install Component Success” message will displayed.


Menu and Submenus:

  • Then you can view the component with submenus in the path of Components => JEXTN Onlineexam .






Add new category:

  • Then go to the categories submenu and click new button to create categories.







Exams Manager:

  • Navigate to Exams manager select components -> JEXTN Onlineexam -> Exams manager .
  • Here, you can view all the exams manager details listing.
  • This page contains exam name, exam fees, total marks and pass marks.

Exam Informations:

  • In Exam informations, Admin can set the exam belongs to which category.
  • Here, you can add and remove the given answers.
  • Here, answer layout would be displayed in radio button.








Questions & Answers Manager:

  • Navigate to Questions & answers manager select Components->JEXTN Onlineexam ->Questions & answers manager.
  • Here, you can view all the Questions & answers manager details listing.
  • This page contains exam name, exam date, candidate date, roll number and status.



  • Navigate to Candidates select components->JEXTN Onlineexam -> Candidates.
  • This page contains exam name, user name, registration number, e-mail.
  • Here you can edit the candidate details.


  • In front end online exams are displayed in this format like main category and sub categories.
  • If you want to write exams means select one sub categories it will redirect into exam page.


Search Results:

  • In front end you can give the valid registration number and see the exam result.