JEXTN Membership - Screenshots

Please see the Front end demo here

List of Plans and Subscription:

  • List of Plans and Subscription has the list of all the Subscription plan details.
  • Plan name, description of the plan. subcription type are displayed here.
  • In bottom subscription name, description, duration and price of the subscription is displayed in a table.
  • User can subscribe any of the plan displayed in page by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button at the right hand side.





My Plans Page:

  • My Plans Page displays the particular user's plans, who logged in the page.
  • At LHS, it displays status of the plan that is, Active or Expired.




Global Options:

  • In Global options of JEXTN Membership component, Component has the details of user registration and group.
  • In Mass Mail, set the prefix of mail subject and suffix of mail content.
  • In Settings, set the front end display options.





Subscription Periods & Pricing:

  • Subscription Periods & Pricing view have details about period name and subscription plan of that period.
  • It also has duration of the subscription,type and price.
  • There is two types of subscription is available, Paid and Free Membership.


User Subscription:

  • User Subscription view has User details and subcription plan details.
  • It displays which user has which plan and duration, membership type, and payment status.