JEXTN Membership Installation Steps & Settings

Click Here to Download JEXTN Membership Installation and Usage Manual for Joomla 1.6 & 1.7

  • Login using Joomla Admin Username and Password in to Joomla administrator section. Extensions => Install / Uninstall
  • Then click browse button and select the JEXTN Membership component zip file from your local system
  • Then Click => Upload Files & Install Button
  • Now you will get a message like "Component Install success"
  • Please Select Components => JEXTN Membership .
  • Please enter the API Login ID & Tranaction Key associated with your Account
  • Enter the paypal business ID associated with your paypal account.

Google Checkout IPN Settings :-( For your Reference Please click the left side image )

  • Login google checkout merchant account.
  • After signing in to your merchant account, Click on the "Settings" tab. Then click on the "Integration" link on the left side of the page. Your 10- or 15-digit Merchant ID and your Merchant Key will both be listed under the "Account information" header .
  • Copy and paste the API call back URL from the backend( Global Settings ) to the Google checkout Integration page.
  • We Should aware the following settings should be selected or not .
    • Select "Notification as XML" radio button.
    • The API version should be "Version 2.5".
    • Notification filtering tick box should be selected.
  • After setting all the above things, Finally we have to "SAVE" the page for successfull Google Checkout IPN responses & notifications.

JEXTN Membership Admin have 6 controllers (or 6 Section of Tabs)

  • Subscription Plans :-

Here the admin can create plan like Golden, Bronze, Silver, My Custom Names.... etc. admin can Edit, Delete and Publish/Unpublish each plans.

  • Subscription Periods & Pricing :-

In this section, the admin can create or assign subscription periods and pricings for every plans created under Subscription Plans.

Duration: Can be in any format, Like in days, Months, Life time, Weekly. It is designed to suit any form of subscription.

  • Users :-

All the users who are all registered in the website will be listed in this page. From here, the admin can block/unblock and delete or manage account settings for every users.

  • User Subscriptions :-

User subscription details and way to manage it here. You can see the details like, When it is going to expire, User name, User ID, Pricing Details, Last login details and When it expires. It is very convenient to know the user details and subscription detail in one Tab, This make the managment very easy.

  • Global Settings :-

Used to configure & manage the subscription oprations in easy way.
a. General Settings :

Show Captcha: Enable/Disable captcha sequence in the registration form
Currency: Select or change valid currency code, which supports all the payment gateway
Expiration alert days before: Set the days before for send expiration alert. This is very much useful to retain the already subscribed customers. This avoids lots of manual work for the website administrator.

b. Payment Settings:
This currently supports three online payment gateway, It makes it possible to sell more with more payment option. Additionally, It also supports payment by cash and Cheque.

Settings for PayPal : It enables PayPal payment gateway.
PayPal Server : Select the server(test/production), which you want to use
PayPal Business Id : Enter your PayPal ID(PayPal email id)

c. Settings for Google Checkout: -

Enable Google Checkout: It enables Google Checkout payment gateway
Google Checkout Server : Select the server (test/production), which you want to use
Google Checkout Merchant Id: Please Enter your Google Checkout Merchant ID associated with your Google checkout account.
Google Checkout Merchant Key: Please Enter your Google Checkout Merchant Key associated with your Google checkout account.
API callback URL: Specify a URL for Google to notify you of new orders and changes in order state. So please copy this link and paste it in "API callback URL" under "Integration settings" in your google checkout merchant account.

d. Settings for

Enable It enables's advanced integration method payment system.
Select Server: Select the server(test/production), which you want to use API Login ID : Please enter the API Login ID associated with your account Transaction Key : Please enter the Transaction Key associated with your account

  • Statistics

Statistics to track both subscribed members & the prices for different plans. Also here you can track the details with the selection of particular moth, year and also the category.

Mail Template: (Custom Email Template to send automatic Emails)
This is most requested feature in this Membership extension and It is not available in any other membership extension avaiulable in Joomla. You can define what should be content for the Emails When registering your website or sending Email alert/Remainder when the account about to expire.

Bank Details
We have added this feature in this extension as per the request by many of our users. It means that, We are ready to hear your opinion and enhance our extension to deliver the best for our customers. Here web admin can add the bank details and it will be shown for the users at the time of registration, So it makes easy for the users to make a payment for the displayed details. It very much avoids lots of enquiry for bank details and also it helps in increasing the susbcribing for the website.