JEXTN Effective Lead Management System Installation Steps

Download JEXTN Effective Lead Management System Documentation:

Installation Process:

  • Unzip the zip file you downloaded and choose the appropriate version for your Joomla site.
  • Log in to the administrator panel.
  • Go to Extensions > Extension Manager (Install/Uninstall).
  • Click “Choose file” and select the appropriate version of the JEXTN Effective Lead Management System.
  • Finally, Click “Upload&Install” button.
  • After the successfull installation of the component ,"Install Component Success” message will displayed.




Menu and Submenus:

  • Then you can view the component with submenus in the path of Components => JEXTN Effective Lead Management System .






Add new category:

  • Then go to the categories submenu and click new button to create categories.






Dashboard View:

  • Colorful Dashboard with shortcuts for all controllers .
  • Reminder by sales persons.

Lead Reports in Dashboard:

  • Past lead reports generated as Yesterday Lead Report and Week Lead Report displayed by country and category.




List of leads in  back end:

  • Status History Icon : Press that icon to see the status update.
  • Here, status of each and every lead will be displayed with the sales person detail and date.
  • Pick Up Icon: By clicking the pick up icon in lead sheet, the project will be processed.
  • After pick up the lead email notifictation has been send to the user.
  • Document Icon: The icon is the notification for the lead have document.If you press this button it will display the particular lead document in document controller.

Add a New Lead:

  • Client leads Back-end Form: Admin can add new leads.
  • At the time of add new lead handling option is not appeared in editing page.
  • After saving the lead admin can edit the lead, at that time handling field will be displayed, here admin will assign the lead to a paeticular sales person.
  • The salesperson give remark,next action and select weightage of lead,status of the lead and select the handling.Also save the status update.
  • In status update, the sales person will update the status based on date.
  • In select option, you can select the appropriate category for each lead.





Lead Statistics:

  • Statistics:Statistics to track client leads details based in the salesperson & country,weightage & status, date.
  • It shows weekly statistics.
  • There is another option is applicable, that is display statistics based on the Sales persons who handles how many leads.

Custom Fields:

  • Custom Field: Generated Custom Fields are display with field type and preview of the field.
  • Create new custom field with any type by select the field type in 'Field type' drop down.Set the field as mandatory or not by set the yes or no radio button.

Add a new Lead from front end:

  • JEXTN LMS has the feature to add a new lead from front end.
  • After successful registration client can add a new lead by lead form.
  • After submitting a lead, admin will give the access to pick that lead.
  • After that client get mail notification.

Global Options:

  • Set the System configuration : Navigate to global options by select Components=>JEXTN Lead Management System and then click options on the right side, it will shown many options to configure.
  • Settings used to set the footer text and captcha are shown or not and give the type of file.
  • User Form Settings used to settings that will be applied to User form in the front end by default.
  • Back End Settings used to set the mail has to be send or not and the report listed by country or category in dashboard.