JEXTN Effective Lead Management System ( Joomla 2.5 & 3.x - Native )


JEXTN Effective Lead Management system is a lead Management solution for Joomla websites to manage the leads or contact us Emails. This is kind of very tiny CRM for a sales person who follows up with leads. This best fits of someone who is looking for simple and effective solutuion. If you are small company with few sales guys, this works better, Doing a complete integration of other complex softwares to handle the leads is a overkill sometime.

Screen Shots:
Features of JEXTN Effective Lead Management System:

Recently Updated Features:

  • Change the dashboard view to show categories and also country


  • 1. Customizable form for submitting leads.
  • 2. Captcha field for preventing spam.
  • 3. Displays all custom field created by Admin.
  • 4. Supports ajax Form validation.
  • 5. Admin can Manage Leads(ADD/EDIT/DELETE) from the back end.
  • 6. The leads has been assigned to the salesperson by Super Admin.
  • 7. Those who belonged to the Manager & Administrator user group are the salesperson.
  • 8. Sales person handle the leads that has been assigned by the Admin.
  • 9. Admin can change the status and weightage of the lead and write remarks about every leads.
  • 10. Salesperson can change the status and weightage of the lead and write remarks about the leads.
  • 11. Salesperson can update their daily status and next action to be taken.
  • 12. Colorful Dashboard with shortcuts for all controllers and list of remainders by Sales person.
  • 13. Display leads information based on the country and date.
  • 14. Ease to maintain documents uploaded by users.
  • 15. Admin can generate his own customfields and set parameter for every fields via backend.
  • 16. Customizable mail template from the backend.
  • 17. Unlimitted number of Sales persons can be added in backend.
  • 18. Admin can restrict the users to upload particular files(.doc, .txt, etc).
  • 19. Statistical information will be displayed based on the country, weightage, status, date and the sales person.
  • 20. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, etc ..
  • 21.Quick Icon in Admin section [only for Joomla 2.5]
  • 22.Module for Listing Reminder,Latest leads,Leads Report by country in control panel(Admin section) [only for Joomla 2.5]

If you think, these features are not enough, Let us know we are waiting for your feedback to build the best lead management system for Joomla, i.e It has to be simple and effective.

Really good Lead management system. Straight forward install and setup, smooth and stable application. Support was good and quick
This extension is what I was looking for. It does not do everything a normal Lead Management System might do, but they state that on their site.

I would like to see a bit more modification options, however. Some of the items in the extension have no meaning to our business. If we could change the verbiage it would help.

I had a small problem and sent them an email. Their response was within their time frames and I was able to fix the problem.

very good product and good support from the support team helped in the issues faced immediately. KEEP IT UP......
Great product and support. Nothing is too much trouble...Al the mentioned features working fine...
- it's easy to install

- it's easy to use

- Support team helped me to set up the configuration. I did within 5 min.
I'm very happy with this Extension and even happier with the support team! The extension has suprised me! It looks beautiful;
it works flawlessly and it all all (and a little more) it says here. The support team is fast and 100% efficient.
Thanks a lot guys!
Excellent, works perfectly! Been using it and it's just excellent.I have recommended to all my friends and clients.

I recommend this simple extension compared integrating with complex CRM solutions.