JEXTN GroupBuy Installation Steps

Download JEXTN Groupbuy Documentation:

Installation Process:

  • Unzip the zip file you downloaded and choose the appropriate version for your Joomla site.
  • Log in to the administrator panel.
  • Go to Extensions > Extension Manager (Install/Uninstall).
  • Click “Choose file” and select the appropriate version of the JEXTN Groupbuy Component.
  • Finally, Click “Upload&Install” button.
  • After the successfull installation of the component ,"Install Component Success” message will displayed.



Menu and Submenus:

  • Then you can view the component with submenus in the path of Components => JEXTN Groupbuy .






Add new category:

  • Then go to the categories submenu and click new button to create categories.






Add a New Product:

  • To add a new product, select components->JEXTN Groupbuy->Products then click new button.
  • In Product details column give the title and select appropriate category,store name, images for the product and description.
  • In Extra Product Fields give the product price, discount and coupon code.
  • In Deal time & Number of Bought column give the deal available date and total bought of the product.





Product Listing Page at the back end:

  • Navigate to Products select components->JEXTN Groupbuy->Products.
  • Here, you can view all the products details listing.
  • This page contains product name, shop name,category,deal price and status.
  • User can edit the product by click on the name of the product.




Shop Owner Details Page:

  • Navigate to Shops select Components->JEXTN Groupbuy->Shops.
  • This page displays shop details and shop owner information and contact details.
  • User can add a new shop or can edit the shop details here.


  • Navigate Settings select components->JEXTN Groupbuy->Settings.
  • This page is used to setting the front page display.
  • Here you can choose the default layout design.
  • In JEXTN Groupbuy, there are 5 types of layout are available.





Global Options:

  • In Message Settings, user can set the front end display options such as footer text and video will be display or not.
  • User can ordering the category and products here.
  • Some PDF options also setting here.







Products display in front end:

  • Product overview page displays product listing page.
  • Here user can view the product details, image and deal price of the product.
  • Timer will be run on the bottom of the discount price.
  • Number of available coupons also displayed here.






Product Details Page:

  • By clicking on the product the page will redirect to product details page.
  • Here, Full description of the product would be displayed.
  • Shop owner name and contact details will be displayed at the below of product image.
  • At the bottom of the page google map would be displayed.







Shopping Cart:

  • In JEXTN Groupbuy component, the selecting products are added to the shopping cart.
  • Two options is there, Continue shopping and Process payment.
  • You can add number of product to cart, the total amount will be displayed below.
  • By clicking on the continue shopping, page will redirect to product overview page.
  • By clicking on the process payment, page will redirect to payment plugin page.