JEXTN FAQ Pro - Screenshots

Please see the Front end demo here

FAQ Listing Page:

  • JEXTN FAQ Pro has 20 different types of themes.
  • Here, the theme name is "Triangular Light Blue".
  • In front end user can give like (or) unlike about the particular faq.
  • Here Posteddate, Author name, Hits would be displayed.




Categories Listing Page:

  • Here it will display the all faq's categories.
  • In front end faq's are displayed belongs to the particular category.
  • Here Edit, Add picture , Back to category and Ask a new question would be displayed .





FAQ Listing at the back end:

  • All the categories are listed here.
  • Also Admin can add/edit/delete/ publish or unpublish all the categories from here.





Global Options:

  • Navigate to Global Settings by select components->JEXTN FAQPro->Global Settings.
  • Here, you can set Date format and can ordering.
  • There are totally 20 types of themes available, you can select theme as your wish.
  • Preview of theme is displayed at below.




Import/Export CSV:

  • TO import FAQ in CSV format, select Components->JEXTN FAQPro->Import CSV.
  • It will be open in CSV format.
  • To download FAQ datas in CSV format, select Components->JEXTN FAQPro->Export CSV.