JEXTN PayperVideo Screenshots

Videos Listing Page at the back end:

  • Navigate to Videos select components->JEXTN PayperVideo->Videos.
  • Here, you can view all the Videos details listing.
  • This page contains Video name,category,description,upoladed by and date.
  • User can edit the video by click on the name of the video.


Subscription Plans:

  • Navigate to Subscription Plans select Components->JEXTN PayperVideo->Subscription Plans.
  • This page displays Subscription Plans details and description, status.



Subscription Periods & Pricings:

  • Navigate to Subscription Periods & Pricings select Components->JEXTN PayperVideo->Subscription Periods & Pricings.
  • This page displays Period name, plan name,duration, subscription type and pricing.


Playing Video:

  • This page displays the video.
  • Here video can be played and description will be displayed at the right side of the video.
  • You can share the video by facebook and twitter.
  • You can rate the videos also.