JEXTN Classifieds Screenshots

Please see the Front end demo here

  • Click the Browse button and upload the JEXTN Classifieds file from your local system
  • Now you will get a message like "Component and Module Install success".
  • If you have to Install Sample Data, then click the button
  • Select Components => JEXTN Classifieds.
  • Colorful Dashboard with shortcuts for all controllers.
  • Select JEXTN Classifieds => Category .
  • Add New Category for Listing
  • Select JEXTN Classifieds => Product Types .
  • Create Product type for custom filter options
  • Then add product variety for each custom filters
  • Create Sub Type for all custom filter(Product type)
  • Display Sub Category Listing
  • Create Sub Category with the parent category and product type
  • Supplier Details Listing
  • Create New Suppliers with contact details
  • The page for listing products and the managing area like Edit/Delete/Publish/Unpublish product from this page.
  • Create New Products with category and custom filter