WDC - Auction Screenshots

Products Overview Page:

  • The product details will be displayed in the front end as per the details entered in backend and global settings;
  • In that product type is displayed as a buttons.
  • Here deal price, timer, latest bidder and actual price of product would be displayed.



Product Details Page:

  • By clicking on the product the page will redirect to product details page.
  • Here, Full description of the product would be displayed.
  • At right side of the product image bidding details displayed and timer running in bottom.

Shipping Charges:

  • After you fill shipping details form the page will redirect to the page that will display the shipping charges for your country.
  • Also the product total amount(product actual price + shipping charge) will be displayed.
  • Click "Proceed", to pay the amount.

Product Listing Page:

  • Navigate to product manager by select components->WDC Auction->product.
  • This page displays Product name, actual price, deal price, bidding status, product type and expiry date of the product.

Global Options:

  • Navigate to options by select components->WDC Auction then click on the option button available in the tool bar.
  • Here you can set product, category, multivendor and general settings.
  • In product settings you can shipping charges to the product price.
  • You can set a commission percentage in multivendor settings.