WDC - Auction & Multivendor( 2.5 & 3.x Native)


WDC AUCTION is an easy to use and excellent component for online bidding. Users can have the new experience of biding online. Users can bid for the products they want and the user who bid at last will win the product. Also, user can upload their own products from the front end and it will avilable for biding.

Features of WDC Auction and WDC Auction Multi vendor.

Recently Updated Features:

  • Admin can view the shipping details in the back end.
  • Admin can enable or disable the shipping charges option in the back end.
  • Admin can add countries and shipping charges for that countries in the back end.
  • While adding a product the admin or vendor can choose whether the product is having auto bid option or not.(This feature is only available on joomla 3.0.x).
  • If the Product is have auto bid option means the user(buyer) can set their auto bid by entering the bid amount limit and bid amount for each time .(This feature is only available on joomla 3.0.x).
  • User can cancel their auto bid.(This feature is only available on joomla 3.0.x).


  • 1. User can upload their own products from the frontend(Support Multi vendor)
  • 2. Able to manage their own product from frontend.
  • 3. Support coun down timer in both list page and detail page.
  • 4. Products can be categorized as per the customers wish with the select box provided.
  • 5. User can add the products in Watchlist.
  • 6. Supports Paypal, Authorize.net, Ideal, Docdata, EBS,Money Booker, ccAvenue and 2Checkout payment gateways.
  • 7. Support Bank Transfer.
  • 8. Support cash on delivery
  • 9. Shipping details
  • 10. Admin can manage all products.
  • 11. Admin can set the free bidding value from backend.
  • 12. Buy Bids - Users can buy the bids for the price mentioned by the admin.
  • 13. Views for Upcoming products, Expired product, My Wins, My Products.
  • 14. Countdown - Admin can set time limit for all the products.
  • 15. Winner - The user who bids at the end of the specified time limit will get the product in their account.
  • 16. Buy product - Once win the bidding, user can buy the product in my account page.
  • 17. Supports SEF.
  • 18. Support Mass payment.
  • 19. Email System - Once payment done, All details will send to administrator via email.
  • 20. Admin can set the commission in percentage(%) in each transaction.
  • 21. Email notification is send to the admin when the user uploads his/her own product at front-end.
  • 22. The options for the automatic approval for the product of the user is added.
  • 23. The option for whether to send the email notification to admin after the product is sold from the front end is added.
  • 24. The commission value can be added in the format of percentage
  • 25. Added the option for inserting minimum rate for the product to get the commission after when the product sold.
  • 26. Global Configuratin - Admin can set the width of the product countdown box and option to remove footer text.
  • 27. Admin can create unlimited number of categories for the products.
  • 28. Admin can add/edit/delete any number of products under each categories.
  • 29. You can set the time limit for the biding of the product with the time buffer option.
  • 30. Support languages English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Norwegian, portuguese, Greek, Chinese, etc.
Very good component, also the company is very helpful. I am very sattisfied from
That's a very good extension and well supported by developers that help you to increse your online business. After some little adjustment for my web site the extension is almost perfect and work well. I received quick answers from support service to all my last recent issues.
I use this extension in production site, it need some customization and some fix of features, but work fine.
I think that is a good solution to begin a Auction Site, because it have the necessary features to work.
"Special thanks to Sam".
I am using this module in my site for bidding process.This is really nice module , And they are also giving support within a day..
This extension is worth every cent!
First of all the have quick support and the solve every issue you have.
Second the component is just easy to install and easy to work with!
Thank you guys again!
Excellent Job!!!!