JEXTN Review Documentation

Please See the Demo Here

Download JEXTN Review Documentation:

Installation Process:

  • Unzip the zip file you downloaded and choose the appropriate version for your Joomla site.
  • Log in to the administrator panel.
  • Go to Extensions > Extension Manager (Install/Uninstall).
  • Click “Choose file” and select the appropriate version of the JEXTN Review Component.
  • Finally, Click “Upload&Install” button.
  • After the successfull installation of the component ,"Install Component Success” message will displayed.

Manage Entries:

  • Navigate to entries select components->JEXTN Review->Manage Entries.
  • This page displays User name, title and content of the review.
  • Reply, email, rating and component name also be displayed.



Report Details:

  • Navigate to reports select components->JEXTN Review->Reports.
  • This page displays User name, title and email id of the user.
  • Reporting reason, component name and review status also be displayed.

Review Listing at front end:

  • This page displays list of review.
  • User name, Title of the review and ratings displayed at the top.
  • At content of the review is placed in the middle.
  • And the report button is used to report the review.
  • Below that the reply for the user review displayed.

Add Review:

  • You can add new review by clicking the add review button.
  • Enter the title and content of the particular that you giving the review.
  • Select the rating and click save.