JEXTN VMVtiger Documentation


Click Here to Download JEXTN VMVtiger Installation and Usage Manual


This document helps you in installing and configuration of JEXTN VMVtiger Extension, to connect both Joomla virtuemart and vTiger CRM. Though the installation and configuration is very simple, We have prepared the document to help everyone.

Step 1 – Install the Component in Joomla Backend

  • Download JEXTN VMVtiger from (Please download the latest version).
  • Login into your joomla site administrator. Go to Extensions => Install / Uninstall.
  • Then click browse button and select the JEXTN VMVtiger component zip file from your local system.
  • Then Click => Upload Files & Install Button.
  • Now you will get a message like "Component Install success".

Step 2 – Configure vTiger in JEXTN VMVtiger Backend

  • Select the JoomTiger component from the component list, Components => JEXTN VMVtiger.
  • Select Global Settings.
  • Please fill in all the fields in the CRM settings as shown below.
    Host Address : your Vtiger CRM eg
    User name : any user from your vTiger CRM, recommended admin
    Access key : get this from preference in your vTiger CRM for the same user name you have given above
    Application Unique Key : enter the application_unique_key value found in your file that is present in your vTiger CRM root path. The file will be in root directory where you have installed your vTiger CRM.
    Example : If your root directory is /public_html/vtigercrm/ then your configuration file will be in found inside /public_html/vtigercrm/, see the screen shot below for detailed explanation
  • Vtiger Host:If your project and vtiger is in same server then place localhost otherwise enter your host name
  • Vtiger DB Username:Enter your vtiger database username
  • Vtiger DB Password:Enter your vtiger database password
  • Vtiger DB Name:Enter your vtiger database name
  • Vtiger table prefix:Enter your vtiger database table prefix (mostly it should be vtiger_)

Step 3 – Virtuemart Product Synchronization in JEXTN VMVtiger Backend

  • Select the JEXTN VMVtiger component from the component list, Components => JEXTN VMVtiger.
  • Select VirtueMart Products & Vtiger Sync.
  • Please select all products and click on the send products to vtiger button

Step 4 – Configure your vTiger CRM as follows for the JEXTN VMVtiger to work

Please change the following in your vTiger CRM pack for the JEXTN VMViger to work
1. Make the modification as follows in the Webforms.config.php file present in your vTiger CRM
Path : \modules\Webforms\Webforms.config.php

$enableAppKeyValidation = true;
==> always use true to have more security

$defaultUserName = 'admin'
==> Crm User name, recommended admin

$defaultUserAccessKey = '6F2KLoY6KT1gp162'
==> Access key for the user you have specified above will be found in user preference

$defaultOwner = 'admin'
==> use the same username as above


2. Make sure the permission for the following file and the folder must be as specified as below
Path : \modules\Webforms\Webforms.config.php

folder - Webforms - path \modules\
==> folder permission should be 755

file - post.php - path \modules\Webforms\
==> file permission should be 644