JEXTN JomSocial-Vtiger - Screenshots

Please see the demo here

Global Settings:

  • Back end  global setting controller .
  • Here we can store vtiger login credentials details , By clicking the save button we can store all details into database .

Contact Synchronization:

  • JomSocial Users controller .
  • This controller is used to store the JomSocial User details into the vtiger CRM.By clicking the Send users to Vtiger button we can store all the JomSocial users to vtiger CRM.


            Vtiger-Contact Information:

  • Vtiger Contacts tab.
  • Here only all the contacts available in the vtiger CRM will be displayed.

New User Registration:

  • While registering in JomSocial Directly the data will be stored into vtiger CRM.
  • This is the first step of JomSocial Registration.

After Registration:

  • Once you reaches this page while registering in JomSocial then your details will automatically store into vtiger CRM.