JEXTN Video Gallery Documentation

Download JEXTN Video Gallery Documentation:

Add New Category:

  • To navigate Category manager select components->JEXTN Video Gallery->Categories.
  • Enter the title, description of a category.
  • And then click on the button save or save&close.






  • Categories page displays list of the categories.
  • With their status and description.



Add a New Video:

  • Click on the New button to add a new video.
  • Enter Title, Date and type of the input video such as link or upload or HTML5 format.
  • Enter the description.
  • Video preview will displayed at below.






Video Listing Page at the back end:

  • To navigate Videos then select components->JEXTN Video Gallery->Videos.
  • Here list of videos are displayed with their link, uploaded date, ec.,.




  • To navigate Settings then select components->JEXTN Video Gallery->Settings.
  • Here you can give background color,bg color for slider and year displayed.
  • Video gallery preview displayed at below.









Global Configuration:

  • Here you can front end settings such as which is displayed at the front end.
  • You can also set the general and upload file settings.






Video Sliders:

  • Displays all videos. Slider can be used for changing videos.










Highest Hits Videos:

  • Displays all videos with 3 highest hits.










Categories displayed Page:

  • This page displays all Categories.